Friday, August 21, 2009

Help, I'm Alive.

God, it's Friday already and next week's gonna be Merdeka week. Speaking of Merdeka, what will be your definition of Merdeka? Mine would be freedom from the very first breath you breathe once you're in this world. Everyone deserves freedom and not tied down by anything. Anything at all.

The weather has been chilly all week. Maybe because it's the seventh month of the Chinese Calender? Call me superstitious but I ain't gonna be out at night as often as I am now. Been dreaming bout you know what coming in and out of the walls. Creepyyyy...

I'm gonna pick up on a new language soon. Guess what it is? :P And I think I'm gonna go back on yoga since from September onwards, it's not gonna be a busy fourth quarter.

I think I need to dropby to Carlton Gourmet or Westin soonest for their yummylicious pastries 'cos I'm dying for it. Don't blame me for being random 'cos this is who I am. I ramble. I babble. Hah!

Bisous xo

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