Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The domestic affair.

I would love to have my kitchen this way.

Random updates before I'm internet deprived for the next five days:-
  • Officially a True Blood addict. Been pestering my bro for the latest episode. It's a pity HBO here cuts off the good scenes.
  • Still planning on where to go first, what to eat.
  • Gonna buy tons of reading materials by Charlaine Harris (yes, back to my True Blood obsession) and Lauren Conrad's LA Candy (just love this woman).
  • Still procrastinating on my supposed daily workout regime.
  • Tranformers tonight! This I CANNOT WAIT...
  • Fringe got longer and am gonna cut it this evening.
  • Pray for me that I won't gag when people starts asking me questions.
That's about it I guess. Text or holla me if you guys or babes need anything from the other side. I will be twittering via mobile when I'm away walking and stuffing my face with pastries and Jap food.

Till then, have a spanking good Wednesday!

Bisous xo

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