Friday, July 3, 2009

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Artwork by Igor + Andre

Do you feel like today is not the day you want to be? It feels like Wednesday to me now. Am still having a slight post vacation stress and it doesn't feel good at all. Anyway updates for this week:-
  1. When I was in Singapore, the new LV store at ION is HUGE. Now you know where am I gonna spend my summer vaca on a yearly basis from now on.
  2. (Picture above) I love Danny's work. I think I'm gonna get it for my bday pressie :)
  3. Bought a book called "Love letters by great men". Been reading it before going to bed and I must say it makes me imagine that I was in another era all together. A good book for lovers and dreamers like moi.
  4. Bday din.din. tonight at The Cave. Happy Burthday Sophihi!!!
  5. Planning on having a catch up luncheon or din.din. with tons of people and I'm officially booked for the whole month.
  6. Realised I need another hair cut session with Eugene again.
  7. Still in love with everything Jap eventhough I had an overflow of Jap supplies when I was travelling.
  8. Thinking 'bout travelling again. I know. I'm not supposed to.
That's about it I guess. Not gonna bore you with my nonsense anyway. I've been dreading for my daily wear again which makes me demotivated already :( Not a good sign yeah?

Till then, happy Friday.

Bisous xo

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