Thursday, July 16, 2009

I think I is panicking right about now.

Now it only hit me. How the hell am I supposed to do the Summer Feast all by myself? I'm practically shivering now. Shouldn't have done it Wei. Please, please don't screw it up. Anyway, more updates this week:-
  1. Finally watched Ep 4. It was not bad. Not as good as I thought it was though.
  2. Tomorrow is Paint Day!
  3. I am officially a going-out-to-dinner-everyday person starting from tomorrow till end of this month.
  4. Purchased another vintage dress from Like Seriously. Anxiously waiting for it. I hope it arrives tomorrow as I might wanna wear during one of the nights (refer back to number 4). By the way, I'm not supposed to shop at this time but I simply can't miss vintage right? The typical contradicting Wei.
  5. I'm gonna be a year older in the next 12 days. Can mine be like 12 Days of Christmas?
  6. New current playlist coming up.
That's about it then. I still have gazillion things that I need to buy and do before this weekend comes. I think I'll be dead by then. If not, drowned by the madness of work going around me.

Till then, I hope Sunday comes later.

Bisous xo

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