Monday, July 13, 2009

You saved the day!

Last week's updates:-
  1. Work is getting better.
  2. The house warming party was fab and stayed up till 5am from ramy session.
  3. Never have I eaten so many durians in my life before.
  4. Manage to get few more accessories.
  5. Just realised that to really be close to someone, you gotta accept the highs and lows of that person.
  6. MK is back and she bought me chocolates. Dark ones :) :) :)
  7. Ali Carter totally make the cut in Obsessed. And Beyonce too of course.
  8. Misses True Blood :(
As for this week's upcoming plans:-
  1. Start yoga. A S A P. Or some sort of a workout plan.
  2. Din.din. with WY who's back from London.
  3. Events, events, events.
  4. Catch up on True Blood's latest ep.
  5. Summer feast is this weekend. Yay! Need to finalise every detail there is and I think I need to stop by IKEA soon.
That's about it I guess. I think.

Bisous xo

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