Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer Feast!

Salsa Sauce on to the tortilla chips

After result ::: Baked Cheessssy Tortilla Chips with Salsa Sauce

Homemade Chocolate Cake by my lovely sister

Porkie Meatballs for the pasta (Recipe courtesy of Cherry the Dai Ka Jie's beau - Terry)

Love Maille's Dijon Mustard ::: Used for salad's dressing

My Italian Roast Chicken! Luckily it came out the way its supposed to be...

Appetizers ::: Lebanese Cucumber (super crunchy), Tortilla Chips, Berries for drinks

Lunch of the day

Not so jadi Honey Lemon Sorbet with whipped cream & berries

Moi's Bday Cake ::: Ginger Cake with Buttercream

Moi's pressies :) :)

Thank you all for coming last afternoon. It was a blast having you all to bear with my cooking and actually finish them up. However, next round, we shall go out for dinner instead yeah? ;)

Bisous xo

2 gossips:

cher-ry said...

WAH!!!! the italian roast chicken looked so yummy~~~~

bila u gonna cook for me? -_-

... said...

hehehe.. can can.. Soon ler.. When we have our so called picnic :P