Monday, July 27, 2009

The Big Yellow Taxi.

Updates from last week:-
  1. I've never eaten so many birthday cakes in my entire life before which happened this year.
  2. Went for my first ever foot massage. It was good and at the same time painful. Too many sickness.
  3. Said gazillion times of Thank You.
  4. JB is by far the most dangerous town I've ever been.
  5. Stayed at a boutique motel. Another first time.
  6. Had the most happening night out with the team. It was good fun :)
Updates for this week:-
  1. Karaoke today! Spa tomorrow...
  2. Another two more birthday din.dins to go and I'm done.
  3. Envy's Launch this Wednesday and it's a must go.
  4. Workload will be tough due to the launch.
That's about it for now. Will catch up on things soon if there's any.

Till then, goodnight my love.

Bisous xo

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