Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bonjour September...

September is here! Life has been hectic for the past eight months and this month onwards is the time to slow down and start on planner 2010. In terms of work and personal life (as for me, travel and savings) of course. I guess once you have a job on your own, it totally sums out to a different ball game. It's like you're already married to your job and your life revolves around it. That's the reason why I think everyone should deserve a GOOD LONG break at least once a year to have your own "self discovery". Travel and pastries are the TWO things that still keeping me sane from everything. Well, retail therapy can do wonders once in a while but having the luxury and time to travel is the best thing that could happen to me.

Updates so far:-
  1. Still looking for the prefect gift for that someone.
  2. Finally got some basics with studs (in love with them now) and the perfect scallop shorts.
  3. Manage to eat corn at least twice a week :D
  4. Hair is getting longer by the day. I think I need a trim.
  5. Still fascinates about everything blue. I think it's my colour of the year.
  6. Karma is happening! Always believe in it.
  7. Made plans for Raya break. Up, up we go...
  8. Thinking of making "ginkgo & barley" dessert again. My mom's gonna kill me.
  9. Still looking for the perfect going out bag/clutch. Any ideas?
Bisous xo

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