Friday, September 25, 2009

This is my current desktop background.

Been sick for the past few days. It's like you're stoning after you ate something. Damn I wish my nostrils wouldn't hurt that much. Anyway, updates for this week:-
  1. Bday shoutout to Poh Ling again as today is her real bday. Happy Birthday Hunss!!! =D
  2. Gonna have a full throttle breakfast like the above picture this weekend. With pancakes of course.
  3. Grandmama's birthday din.din. this Sunday! I still have no idea what to cook as each of us lads in the house need to come up with something. Theme : Chinese.
  4. Still at work now and my tummy is playing drums and horns this time.
  5. Kind of tired with my current playlist now. Any suggestions?
  6. B.E.P. is playing tonight and I'm skipping that for G Force - 3D style. How lame am I?
  7. Been insane for anything boots and coats 'cos fall is here! Not in this part of this world, sadly enough.
  8. Still rocking those neon pink nails and gonna switch to glittery dark purple soon. That would be October's colour.
That's it for now and till then mes amours,

Bisous xo

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