Sunday, September 6, 2009

You said you love me, you said you need me...

Had catch up din.din. at Dubrovnik(def recommended) + dessert at Haagen Dazs, Solaris Mont Kiara with the chicas and boy we had oodles of laughs and random conversation. Anyway piccas to be enjoyed lads :)

Warm bread for starters

Krumpir Soup ::: Light cream of porcini mushrooms, chicken stock thicken with potato cubes

Sauteed Mushrooms with Caramelised Onions

Istrian Canneloni ::: Crepes filled with turkey ham, melted cheese & spices

Montanara Pizza ::: Mozzarella Cheese, Chicken Salami, Tomatoes, Oregano & Mushrooms

Ragusa Chicken ::: Traditionally baked chicken leg with herbs, mushroom & rosti potatoes

Seafood Fettucini

Summer Berries

Belgian Chocolats

Bisous xo

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