Sunday, November 8, 2009

Only the past and future plans.

I had:-
  1. went to two days of runway shows during M-IFW-09. Piccas will be up soon.
  2. bought all-time-fav-animal(owl)-ring at Diva & finally a statement necklace at sevendays.
  3. picked up two ridiculously comfy jersey tanks by Ellie. I think I'm gonna have another one in black.
  4. made one DIY project - fingerless lace gloves and am loving it.
  5. messed up my room again and now procrastinating whether or not to clean it up now.
  6. gone to the dry-cleaning place and am gonna head there again to send mom's vintage Sandro coat which moi will be wearing during HK trip.
  7. partially done with Macau/HK itinerary and it is a month away!
  8. ate my brunch this morning and am gonna head down to Kinokuniya to satisfy my book cravings.
Bisous xo

2 gossips:

itchy eLLie said...

boo! dropping by to say thank u! and i want macarons!!!!! where to buy o great pastry eater?!?!

Wei's said...

hehe you're welcome :) to my greatest sadness I don't think there are any good places that sell macaroons here.. Nearest ever place also will be in Canele, SGP.. I wish they have it here :(