Sunday, January 24, 2010

Second late-comer.

Next up ::: Langkawi! I think there are 10750238 pictures and I'm not gonna post it all up hence may I present you some random shots for your viewing pleasure.

*Note : Most piccas are stolen from Dai Ka Jie's Leica cam.

From top - bottom : The "eagle" ::: YL's Chilli Lala ::: YL's Chilli Crab ::: YL's "Tong Po Yoke"

From top - bottom : Goodies we got from duty free shop ::: Sunset on the last night of the race ::: Doing the YMCA dance ::: Moi & Dai Ka Jie by the pool

In general of Berjaya Langkawi Resort

Places of attraction : Fish Farm ::: Eagle Feeding ::: The Seven Wells ::: The Hanging Bridge

I think that sums up my Langkawi work/personal trip last week.

Till then, happy weekend!

Bisous xo

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