Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pre St. Patrick's dinner.

Colcannon ::: Broiled eggplants served with creamy sambal paste.

Was supposed to make Colcannon on Saturday but instead it was done last Friday night along with the eggplant. Want to know why? Due to the fact grandmama went to a four-week vacation at my uncle's and there is no one willing to cook and left me to starvation. Since I can't take no-food-when-I'm-back-from-work crap, I decided to take this oh very serious matter to my hands and woila!, I made the above.

The colcannon's recipe is taken from here and I kind of made a twist to it. Instead of the usual cabbage & potatoes, I add caramilised onions (if possible, I tend to have onions whenever I cook 'cos I just love the smell and taste of it) and my favourite ingredient of all - bacon =D It actually taste sweeter and more flavourful and I kind of like the result out of it. It'll definitely be a repeat of this Irish dish soon.

The broiled eggplants is something I would cook occasionally and usually I'll dip it with soy sauce + lime but since I still has some milk leftover from the colcannon, I paired it together with our family's secret sambal recipe. It tasted great and the spiciness just burst into your mouth.

It was a good one =)

Bisous xo

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