Saturday, April 24, 2010

A banana affair.

For the past few days, I've been craving for cakes. Yes, cakes. Any type of cakes. From jap chiffon to choc fudge to strawberry cheesecake to this. Thanks to him, I manage to whip up a yummylicious cake not only it's addictive to the nose but also to the mouth and tummy. It's really moist as claimed to be and you don't have to worry about overpowering sweetness if you add in a little something something (for me it's ice cream). So here below the final result of my bake-a-cake-day adventure and hope you enjoy it ;)

Banana cake with vanilla (marshmallow + nuts + chocolate sauce) ice cream
Banana cake with vanilla + marshmallow + nuts + chocolate sauce ice cream.

Bisous xo

3 gossips:

Sabrina said...

Where's mine missy?

Wei's said...

lol it's here waiting for you ;)

Sabrina said...

really ah? can it last til thurs?