Thursday, October 28, 2010

A million questions and one answer.

When I was 11, my primary school girlfriends and I would write notes to each other and pass it around class and we would talk about music, boys and who's dating who. I've been asked frequently on how are they suppose to react when he ask her out and how should she break it off with the boy she just dated a few weeks ago? Later on during my teen-hood, same questions emerge again. The questions lasted until now. I guess I might have been a good friend and problem solver 'cos the people who asked me since has been coming back to me. Whether it was a good date night out or a bad break up, they will always come back to me.

The only question that has been lingering around me all this while and yet I have no answer to it is - what if it happens to me?

Can I accept the love of my life that cheats on me? Can I pretend like nothing happened when I found out that one of my good friend's been bitching behind my back? Can I go on with my life knowing that we can never make it long term?

Will I use my own remedy to cure the problems in life? Will I listen to my own positive advises and be the better person? Will I ever, truly find great love and live happily ever after?

Okay, maybe the happily ever after will never happen however it's easier to say than done right?

I used to think that I would get married and live a happy & simple life when I turn 24. I am now 24 and I'm still single with no one to love and get married to and live a happy & simple life. Instead, what I want to achieve now is my career and my travel adventures. Without a doubt, I can tell you straight up that I will never get married until, at least I'm done with my traveling adventures and *I hope* a successful person in career wise. Is it because I have yet to meet "the one"? They (people around us who are attached, happy ending movies, etc) always say that you will find true love someday. Is it really what everyone want these days? True love?

I guess society now is more material driven besides being in love only. I have friends who date guys just because he buy her fancy stuff and bring her out to crazy expensive dinners and I bet they are more people like that out there regardless of their gender.

Back to the point - Will I ever meet that someone who make my stomach churn every time I see him or make me think of him when I sleep at night and be the first one that comes in my mind when I wake up in the morning?

It's the risk I got to take to meet you, to know you, to love you and for you to love me back.

Bisous xo

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Sabrina said...

What's with your deep entries these days? lol

Wei's said...

just expressing my thoughts.. lol