Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lanvin x H&M Strike Two!


Dear Santa,

I've been good this year and I didn't steal any chocolates from my neighbour anymore. I try not to spend so much and yet the evil credit card still managed to "lure" me into buying things I really, really love but I know I can't 'cos I need to save for my big travel adventures. I really, really hope you could grant me this tiny itsy bit wish by making sure I have all of the above God sent apparels from Lanvin x H&M this fall. I promise I will be a very, very good girl again next year and try not to burn your beard the next I see you in my LaLaLand.

A million merci xxx

Wei Wei :) *innocently smiling*

Bisous xo

4 gossips:

Sabrina said...

innocently smiling?? pfft! =p

Santa said...

I will definitely consider =)

Santa's Baby said...

i shall grant you a wish, hot stuff ! now, list awayyyyyy !!! :DDD

Wei's said...

Santa and gang ::: Thank you so much!!! Make sure all of the above apparels appear in my wardrobe this Christmas??? =D