Saturday, January 22, 2011

NYE at Singapore! 001

It's been the boring same plan to spend NYE at town for the past few years so one fine day me & my friends decided to spend it at Singapore instead. What's not to like? Good food, Universal Studios, the party scene & of course the friends we have there. Once we landed, we left our bags at this beautiful boutique hotel - Studio M (run by Millennium & Copthorne International) which all of the rooms are in loft style, and head straight to Universal Studios. It consists of a few sections (New York, Lost World, Revenge of the Mummies, etc) and it was good! I won't mind going back there again just for the scenery and ride(s).

Here goes....

Next up ::: Rocking NYE at Butter Factory with mah party people!

Bisous xo

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