Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What happened in February ::: Road Trip 001.

All piccas via Sab F's camera...

During the first CNY weekend, me and my friends decided to go on a short road trip to Ipoh (one of the few major cities in Malaysia) and boy we had tons of fun! From lou sang session/din.din. at Nick's restaurant to drinking session in our not-so-decent hotel room to super awesome lunch at the original Oversea Restaurant, it was all worth the time and energy spent. We made a pit-stop to Sab F's crib at Gohtong the next day and we ended up drinking (again) and playing that stupid yet addictive card game suggested by Kevin. Overall it was a good road trip and I forsee another road trip with these few crazy peeps soon.

Next up ::: Malacca road trip!

Bisous xo

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