Thursday, March 17, 2011

What happened in February ::: Road Trip 003.

I always go to Singapore for three things and three things only annddd this trip was no exception.


Instead of the usual trip via flight, Sab F was generous enough to drive us all the way to Singapore and she's hell one of a crazy driver. If you think I'm crazy driver, think again. She is far crazier than I am. We were literally "cruising" the highway on an average speed of 160km/hr. Can you imagine 160km/hr???? However every time she slowed down to 120km/hr it felt like we're on 40km/hr (guess we're used to that speed =P) Once we hit the Johor border, we picked Pinky up and we were off to Singapore! We managed to dine (finally out of Orchard area!) at one of the restaurants named Barracks at Dempsey Hill. It was a first for me & Sab F. and we love it! Promise myself to go back there the next time I'm at Singapore again. We also managed to go to two new clubs which were Attica & Zouk. Attica was crazy! The club is divided to two sections (RnB + Trance/House) and it was good. That club was also the first club (in SG) that made me "gone". Not a pretty sight. Thank God for being the "silent goner". Zouk on the other hand was the worst club I've ever been in SG. It was overly crowded and the music just couldn't make it. Zouk KL is a definite winner hands down if I want to compare it with their sister club. Overall, the trip was super fun as usual and I would like to thank our "hosts" who let us bunk in and brought us around like we're first timers again =P

That sums up my third and last road trip I had in February.

Happy Thursday!!!

Bisous xo

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