Monday, April 4, 2011

Back & Alive!

Finally am back home from cooling, sunny weather at Basel, Switzerland to super hot and humid Kuala Lumpur. Did I had fun? Of course! From meeting my Swiss colleagues to other markets around the world to chocolates and the weather(of course), I couldn't be happier despite the work and drama I need to go through along the way. Am gonna post tons of piccas soon (mainly food & architecture) while in the meantime I wanna share with you that I've just tasted one of the most awesome macaroons by Luxemburgerli ::: Spruengli! It's superbly light enough and when you put it in your mouth, the flavours of the shell + filling just linger around your tastebud and you can feel the freshness of the ingredients (you are only allowed to keep it for 5 - 7 days max). It was that good. I wish they would open up more outlets however what's the fun/exclusivity in it if you can get it anywhere around the world? Need to find another reason to go backkkkkkk.

Bisous xo

2 gossips:

laine said...

wei, i want 1, just 1 bite! can? :P

Wei's said...

lol can.. come over to my place :P