Friday, April 29, 2011

It's all about the kebab.

After our first night at Basel, it's been a non-stop work-a-coaster ride for us all and by the time we're done with work, we were so exhausted that we just wanted to head back home and sleep. However, we still need to feed our hungry tummies and Cherry aka Daikajie decided to take me to the most popular kebab place in town. Boy I was so hooked to it! I had chicken kebab with fries and the meat was just so tender and full of spices. We loved it so much that we dine there there for the next couple of days. We had kebab roll, kebab burger, lamb kebab with rice, beef kebab with fries, whatever kebab we could handle. If I ever return to Basel, I will definitely dine here again without a doubt.

Bisous xo

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Sabrina said...


laine said...

whr's this awesomo kebab? me likey too.. in singapore or kl? i wanna gooooo :(

Wei's said...

Sab : Yeah baby!

Laine : Sorry to not mention that it's in Switzerland..