Friday, March 5, 2010

Daily Routine.


Quick updates:-
  1. Went to the doc and said I have semi-migraine which reminds me I also have gastric with me. I wish it would go away soon.
  2. Super excited to go to the gourmet supermarket at Bangsar with Sab F. tomorrow! It means I'm gonna cook and more snap shots of us =D
  3. Finally a hair cut after a gazillion years.
  4. Drooling over Nadinoo's Spring/Summer collection. Can't wait for it to hit the shop.
  5. Planning on something unexpected *evil grin*
  6. It's been like the picca above for a week and the traffic is just madness! I rather stay late in the office rather than to be stuck in the jam =(
  7. Won't be able to go to Paramore's concert 'cos no one is interested. BIG DISSAPOINTMENT...
  8. Craving for a cup of hot cocoa + marshmallows on the side.
  9. Patiently waiting for new season of GG, True Blood, TVD & Glee to be back on tele.
  10. Dim sum bfast with Poh Ling this weekend.
  11. Did you know by laughing too hard you can get stomach cramps? This is what exactly happened in the office today. LOOOOOOOOONG story.
  12. Need to get a pair of shoes. NEED.
  13. The journal is here! Gonna get it soon.
That's about it for now. Till then, happy weekend!

Bisous xo

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