Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekend Din.din. 101.

After my grocery shopping and haircut, I rushed back home to start preparing the ingredients. As mentioned earlier, I'm gonna cook pork & mushroom burger and baked salmon steak.


Overall verdict ::: It was not bad actually. I'm not praising myself and I can get proof from my dear testers =P. The salmon steak was moist and fresh after baking and the cheese and herbs manage to compliment it. I add a little honey for a slight sweetness to it in case the salmon is too "fishy" for some of them. The potatoes were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside 'cos I tend to boil the potatoes first before I pan fry it with butter, salt, pepper and chives. As for the burger, I was not that satisfied and I feel I can do better. The loin was fresh, no doubt but I think I did not marinate enough with the herbs and olive oil to give it a kick. Thank god for the portobello mushrooms and caramilised onions to have more flavour with it.

That sums up my weekend dinner and hope for more cooking adventures to come!

Bisous xo

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