Sunday, March 7, 2010

Grocery Mania.

Yesterday I managed to wake up my newly found grocery partner - Sab F. and we went to our first grocery shopping at Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC). Before shopping, we went for a quick lunch at La Bodega and had a heart to heart.

Clockwise ::: Illy's Hot Chocolate, Chicken Waldorf Sandwich, Ceaser Salad with Chicken Breast & Melon Berry Crush.

After a fulfilling lunch, we went to get whatever I need for my din.din. cookout later that evening. I'm gonna cook pork and mushroom burger & baked salmon steak.


After two hours of browsing through EVERYTHING in Cold Storage, we managed to check out and head to BSC's very own Gourmet Market. Sab F. managed to get two adorable petite size cakes for her brother's belated Bday while I grab some dessert (for the night) and bread (for the burger).

Bar Italia's Gelato corner... Current obsession for their Blackberry flavour.

Next up ::: My din.din cookout!

Bisous xo

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