Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sentimental Persona.


As I finally decided to clean my room yesterday(FYI - I was on leave), I came across to oh-so-many boxes hidden in a little corner of my study area and found the above stack of cards and letters since primary school days. Some may consider this junk or waste of space however I treasure "the stack of cards & letters" like I treasure my chocolate molten cake. I can never ever throw it away! So many memories(good & bad) and I feel like I'm betraying myself if I do throw it away. I believe we can never hide or run away from our past however we can embrace/learn from it and create a better future for ourselves. Since I found them, I literally read every single one of it and the feelings I had was hilarious/happy/hurt. Friendship/love letters, pen pals from Japan, and birthday/greeting cards are what they are. A friend asked me once what is my other hobby besides cooking and what not, I guess my answer to him now is I collect memories.

Memories in form of papers and words written on it.

Yes, I'm sentimental & emotional that way.

Do you have anything that you can never throw away for the rest of your life?

Bisous xo

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